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The Tonga Business Enterprise Centre (TBEC)

The Tonga Business Enterprise Centre (TBEC) is a nonprofit business development facility established to help advance Tongaʻs private sector businesses by providing business advisory and mentoring resources supported by business development tools and an annual calendar of training focused on the needs of private sector. TBEC is a facility of the Tonga Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) funded by New Zealand Aide Programme.

TBEC will work with a variety of organisations to deliver services which will help grow Tongaʻs private sector. These will include:

  • Business advice to be provided by TBEC Staff and business advisors who can assess the needs of individual businesses and then link them up with training and support programmes provided by TBEC. We help you find daily solutions to your problems.
  • Business support programs are available to help businesses with a specific need.
  • Business training using both local and international trainers through its Private Sector Training Program (PSTP). This year calendar has over 30 different courses.

Support Programs

TBEC, TCCI and a number of its partner organizations offer a variety of programs/tools to support business development in Tonga. These programs offer a range of opportunities for business owners and each have unique eligibility criteria. Businesses are encouraged to seek TBEC assistance in identifying the most appropriate programs for their business needs.

To access the support programs provided by TBEC click this link.