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Invitation to comment on drafted Forms to administering Minimum Energy Performance Standards and Labelling (MEPSL)

Friday, February 12th, 2016

Further to consultations last year on price monitoring with the Ministry of Commerce and Labour and the Ministry of Energy (MEIDECC), electrical supplies were highlighted as another important component of this exercise.

Therefore, importers of MEPSL products (freezer, refrigerator, air conditioners, lights and light ballast)  in to Tonga will be asked to complete the drafted Forms attached. These drafted forms is a working progress and some yet to be completed and incorporated into the Consumer Protection Act by the end of this month. Your comments will be helpful in improving these forms.

The Bill however, also now provides minimum guarantees for the sale of these products, so if the charges are sub-standard and in breach of those minimum guarantees, then the trade breaches provisions of the Act.

The Energy Department will host several consultations on how to go about completing the forms, registration of products and obtaining an import permit (but this will be once the Bill has passed).  These anticipated sessions have been factored into the services that the Energy Department will host to assist businesses and the public in meeting these import permits requirements.

Other electrical supplies to be included later.


Drafted Forms for Administering MEPSL in Tonga

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